Volunteer Opportunities at GES

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Gilbert Elementary School. We are committed to maintaining a welcoming environment where our families and community members feel valued and appreciated. You are always welcome to visit and volunteer!

We have improved student safety by implementing an online application process using Raptor Technologies to approve all volunteers at our school. Even if you have volunteered with us before, you have to complete a new security check each school year. It is free to you and only takes a few minutes of your time. Please use the following link to apply for approval as a volunteer:


Spanish –  https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/NjY0OmVzLVVT

Volunteer Opportunity



Reading Buddies

Our students to love to read with volunteers! Select from the books in our Learning Commons or bring an age-appropriate book of your choice.

As often as possible

Lunch Buddy Mentor

Put a smile on a student’s face by having lunch with him or her! Show interest by asking your special friend about his or her day.

Twice monthly

Front Office Support

Assist our dedicated, but busy, front office staff with clerical duties, taking items to classrooms, and other tasks.

As often as possible

Duty-Free Lunch

Put a smile on a teacher’s face by providing supervision to his or her class during lunch. This allows the teacher to have some additional planning time or to collaborate with colleagues.


Classroom Guest Reader

Choose from the books in our Learning Commons or bring an age-appropriate book of your choice to read to a class of students.

As often as possible

Classroom Guest Presenter

Visit a class to discuss your career or a special area of interest. Our students are full of curiosity!

As often as possible

Library Volunteer

Our students love to read, read, read! That means there are stacks of books to shelve. Assist our busy Learning Commons staff by organizing and shelving books.

As often as possible

Special Events

Assist with grade-level and school-wide events such as our Veteran’s Day Assembly, school plays, Red Ribbon Week, and others.

As needed. These events will be scheduled.

School Beautification

Have a green thumb or just like to work outdoors? Our campus can always use some tender loving care. Ask how you can help!

Seasonal and as needed

School Displays

Busy teachers and students have beautiful work to display, but often lack time to create the displays. With advanced notice, teachers can have display items ready for you to attach to a wall or bulletin board.

As needed