Learning Clubs

GES is excited to offer Learning Clubs again this year for all of our students. Students will select their top three choices in each area during registration. Every student will participate in an Arts and Humanities Learning Club for one semester and a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Club for one semester. These clubs enrich our learning environment by extending learning beyond the typical classroom setting.

Arts & Humanities Learning Clubs

(5th Grade Chorus by audition – year round program;
Open to all 3rd and 4th Graders – 1 semester)
In the Music Learning Club students will learn concepts, skills and techniques beyond those offered in our traditional music program. Students in this club will engage in music through song, dance, movement, and use of classroom instruments. Students will gain high self-esteem, learn self-discipline, problem solving, goal-setting, and the importance of teamwork; all skills needed in life beyond elementary school.

Students will learn the basic skills and concepts of journalism and be able to understand the difference between reporting and journalism. Students will explore their creative side in creating videos and be able to understand the process of editing and what it takes to make an entertaining and informative video.

The International Learning Club students will travel virtually to a variety of countries and cultures across the globe. An in depth study of culture, language, food, and traditions will be explored. Students will use technology and the Learning Commons to further their research. Students will also conduct an International Fair to share their findings with peers.

The Adventure Learning Club aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through outdoor adventures. Students will develop respect for the environment and facilitate confidence, self-esteem, and team-building. Students will enhance their leadership skills, develop critical thinking, and a respect for and stewardship of the outdoors.

Students in the Sign Language Club will be introduced to American Sign Language through a variety of techniques such as games and role-play. Concepts and skills taught and learned in the sign language club will help assist students in the literacy development of reading, spelling, language development, as well as promote positive peer to peer communication and interactions.

The Art Media Learning Club is a way for students to further their experience in Art at GES. Club members create age appropriate artwork using a variety of media. The Art Teacher, in partnership with students’ interests, will determine the Art projects that will be undertaken. Students may extend their work with clay, paper mache, yarn, fabric, paint, and so much more.

In the Hard Rock Kid’s Café, students have the cure for boring mealtimes. They will learn how to turn family dinners into events that rock. No more Rush or Rage Against the Machine when it’s time to sit down together. Our rock stars will learn to make world tour meals and create backstage pass conversation starters. Students will learn basic table etiquette that says, “I’m with the band.” They may even bring home some Deep Purple table decorations to make dinner a party and earn them a Kiss for their efforts!

The Broadcast media club will create, run and manage our GES morning television show. Students will learn how to operate video cameras, the sound board, in addition to other technical aspects. Students will also have the opportunity to serve as a morning show anchor, write script and interview guests.


The LEGO Learning Club will offer endless possibilities for making abstract concepts concrete by using playful, tangible elements to introduce students to science, computational thinking, and engineering principles. Students will engage with a partner to plan, analyze, build, monitor, and assess multiple projects using the Lego 2.0 software and equipment.

STEM Lab Club will equip students for success in a diverse, interdependent and changing world. STEM Lab students will be immersed in analysis, discovery, problem solving and creativity through innovative, hands-on learning. STEM students will have the opportunity to be risk takers, critical thinkers and innovators by solving real-world challenges in the lab.

Our Coding Learning Club students will learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. They will study programming concepts, computational thinking, digital citizenship, and develop interactive games and/or stories they can share. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag & drop blocks.