PBIS Store Items for 9/21/18

PBIS Store Items for 9/21:
** We will be adding more items each week. Save your tickets for better prizes!**

10 tickets- Mini Shopkin
15 tickets- Airplane Glider Kit
15 tickets- Pokemon Cards (4) NEW!!! 2018 Holograms
15 tickets- Baseball Cards (4)
15 tickets- Fruit Snacks
20 tickets- Teddy Bear Pop Pencil
30 tickets- Squishies
30 tickets- Gilbert Baseball Bracelet NEW!!!
40 tickets- Duck Dynasty Camo Duck
40 tickets- Popcorn Pass (to be redeemed on Wednesday)
40 tickets- Emoji Light Up Bracelet
50 tickets- Golf Cart Ride Coupon
60 tickets- Gilbert Football Shirt (Adult S-L; they run small)
60 tickets- Lego Kit
60 tickets- Kinetic Sand NEW!!
60 tickets- Candylicious Bubbles NEW!!!
60 tickets- YuGiOh pack of cards (pack of 9) NEW!!!
60 tickets- Lava Lamp Nightlight **only one available**
60 tickets- Gamecock or Clemson Water Bottle **one of each available**
100 tickets- Giant Mario Wall Decal**only one available**
200 tickets- Cam Newton Panthers Jersey youth XL*only one*NEW!
300 tickets- Ukulele **only one available**

All prizes should be put in student book bags as soon as they are purchased and the student gets back to class. Teachers will have to take student prizes away if they play with them in class, and they will not be able to repurchase those items. Be Respectful! Be Responsible!