Monthly Archives: October 2017

Reading With the Gamecocks

Wilson Oxner (left) and Jeremiah Gillion (right) read the most minutes in their grade level!

Students were challenged to read every day for a specific two-week time frame. They were to record the number of minutes they read each day, total the minutes at the end of the two-weeks and turn them in to Ms. Crumpton, our school media specialist. Ms. Crumpton then reported the results to the program director of the Reading With the Gamecocks. The reader in each grade level with the most minutes was rewarded tickets to 3 specific USC sporting events for their participation.
We would like to congratulate Jeremiah Gillion for coming in first place in third grade. We would also like to congratulate Wilson Oxner for placing first for the fifth graders. Wilson also placed first overall for the entire state! These two students help to make GES proud! Keep on reading.

Who “Kneads Pizza?”

Help Support Gilbert Elementary PTO by eating delicious pizza from Knead Pizza on Thursday, October 12. When you place your order be sure to tell them you are a member of GES and a part of all sales will be donated to our school.

Knead Pizza uses all fresh, natural and local ingredients in their foods!