Our Mission & Vision

To develop a caring community
where ALL learners
create, and
think critically.

Empower each child
to design the future.

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This is It! The Beatles did it. Elton John did it. KISS did it. 
Now it’s our turn…

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year and the GES Farewell Tour: GES ROCKS! In recognition of the rich history of this campus and the special place it has in the heart of our community, we will celebrate our final year here as we prepare to move to new schools next year. Centerville Elementary will open in Fall 2020, and the current Gilbert Primary will return to its original designation as Gilbert Elementary School. Both schools will serve this community and will educate students in grades K-5.

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Our Commitments

* All students, regardless of circumstances, leave GES with the skills they need to succeed in middle school and beyond.
* Teaching and learning develop power skills in all students.
* GES is a service-oriented center of learning, committed to family and community partnerships.
* Every adult at GES will be equipped with the skills, resources, and support necessary to empower every child to be a successful learner.

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Wednesday Folder

Communication with families regarding their child’s learning is critical. Teachers will send home graded papers, newsletters, and other information every WEDNESDAY. Please ask your child for their Wednesday folder every week to be certain you don’t miss important information!

La comunicación con las familias con respecto al aprendizaje de sus hijos es crítica. Los maestros enviarán a casa papeles calificados, boletines y otra información cada MIÉRCOLES. ¡Pídale a su hijo su carpeta de los miércoles todas las semanas para asegurarse de no perderse información importante!

Attendance Is Important!

Dear GES Families:

This year we want to make sure every student is here and ready to learn every day. Our goal is for students to miss no more than 5 days of school. We need your help.

Attending school has a huge impact on student success.

Many of us are parents and caregivers, too, and we realize that some absences are simply unavoidable. However, when students are absent, they can fall behind in what they learn. Excused and unexcused absences both mean missing classroom learning time.

Some Attendance Tips:

  • Make sure your students keep a regular bedtime and establish a morning routine.
  • Turn off all electronics, including TVs, phones and tablets, at bedtime.
  • Make sure clothes and backpacks are ready the night before.
  • Check with our school nurse if you are not sure about when to keep your child at home due to illness. You can contact her at 803-821-1623.
  • When possible, avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments during school.
  • Talk to teachers and counselors for advice if your student feels anxious about school.
  • Develop back up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member, neighbor, or another parent to take your student to school.

Please let us know how we can support you and your student so they can show up for school on time every day. You can contact me at 803-821-1610 with suggestions or questions. We look forward to our best school year yet!